Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A mouthful of teeth and other stuff...

Lexie has just cut 4 new teeth this week, so now she has a total of six! All this teeth cutting business has made her quite irritable, and she has been gnawing on everything. Tonight it was Mackenzie's nose. Yesterday it was lincoln logs and a leather bookmark! She is also eating everything she can get her hands on. fistfuls of peas, goldfish crackers, cheese toast-she loves cheese toast!!!
Lexie is really all the entertainment we all need these days. She is 9 months and has recently discovered how fast she can crawl through the house, and how fun it is to mess up the boys lego creations. She has learned to clap, raise her hands when we say praise the Lord and play "where's Lexie?" The idea with "Where's Lexie?" was to teach her to cover her eyes when we say. "Where's Lexie?" But instead of covering her eyes, she covers her ears or squishes both her cheeks with her hands. It is quite amusing and so cute. She has also stolen the hearts of the entire family with learning to blow kisses to all of us. Mackenzie often says, "What DID we do for fun before Lexie??? We all think her first sound "GA!" is really "DOG" which we are sure is going to be her first word. Lexie loves our little pup milkshake, and starts yelling "Ga! Ga!" Whenever she sees her. Lexie did get quite upset today when Milkshake ran past her and knocked her down!
It just amazes us how much she is changing each day. We are so blessed to experience all the joys of having a baby in the house again.

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