Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over the meadow and through the woods...

I haven't posted in awhile, it has been a whirlwind of activity here in our home! We are on our way tonight at midnight to "grandparent's house we go..." The kids are just nutty-they are so excited. I think the boys are more excited over the fact that Poppy and Grammy bought them snowboots than they are about SNOW. These boys love the idea of adding to their boot collection-work boots, cowboy boots, rubber boots.....Mae is just excited about seeing Grammy and Mackenzie is excited about eating out as we travel (she doesn't realize we are packing a cooler for all but one meal). It looks like we are moving, and I haven't even packed for Mike and myself yet!
The dog is having a nervous breakdown. Lexie is trying to unpack all the bags.....but we are so excited.

Monday, December 1, 2008

tap shoes, duck tape, brotherly love and basketball...

Just an ordinary day at the Barnes home today. Chores before/after breakfast, followed by Bible/devotions, then the rest of our schoolwork till about we read in the Bible about brotherly love, we recited verses, read a story that illustrated brotherly love, drew picture of brothers and sisters and talked about really loving our brothers and sisters. Then Mae got mad and snatched a book from Noah, and Noah and Austin got into an argument over legos. Were they SLEEPING during our discussion?!? The day did get better, everyone got their work done, folded laundry, had lunch, and with a little free time on their hands, some of the kids turned to duck tape for entertainment. This is not unusual in our house. Today Noah fixed up his "Night Vision" hat, as he calls it-a camoflage hat with a flashlight ducktaped to the top. Austin covered a little football completely in duck tape, because silver was prettier than brown, and Mackenzie turned her new Sunday shoes into tap shoes by duck taping nickels to the heels and toes. So Noah wore his hat, with the spotlight(flashlight) on Mackenzie as she gave us a very interesting tap dance routine in the kitchen this afternoon. Lexie got in on the act as well...she found the roll of duck tape that had been left out and tried to eat it!! So now I'm thinking duck tape for stockling stuffers? The Boys also had their first practice for UPWARDS basketball today. They had a great time and can hardly wait for their first game. Austin will be really pleased if their uniforms turn out to be silver-the same color as ducktape!!!