Friday, October 2, 2009

Our new addition!!!!

Noah & Lexie waiting to go into the judges chambers.

Outside the courthouse with Mike's parents after Lexie's adoption. Lexie 1 year ago!

Lexie is now officially, "Alexianna Marie!" We went up to the courthouse yesterday to finalize her adoption. I felt like I was getting ready to go to the hospital to give birth (without the contractions and the suitcase!)-So strange, since she has been a part of our family since she was one week old. I really can not explain the excitement and anticipation-except to say everyone was acting like they were getting ready to go see a new baby for the first time...except Lexie-she just wanted a lollipop. When we got there, Mike's parents met us as well as Lexie's DHS worker from her county of residence and our DHS resource worker. We were joined by our lawyer a little while later and after about 40 minutes, we were led into the judges chambers. The kids were all wide eyed-probably wondering if they would get arrested itf they said the wrong thing!!
The judge was so sweet, and had a huge grin on her face the whole time our lawyer was asking us some routine questions. Mackenzie said later it was weird to see our lawyer so "professional and serious." The kids are well acquainted with him from our homeschool groups very casual activities like camping and such, so I guess it must have seemed any rate, we were just so excited that he, too, was sharing in all of this with us. The judge asked the children how they felt about adopting Lexie. They all said they were excited, and then Noah raised his hand and waited for the judge to call on him! She said, "Yes?" and he replied, "I just want her to be my real sister." The judge smiled and said, "Well, I'm about to make that happen!" That's when my mother in law and I started crying! After it was officially stated that Lexie was ours, we all gathered for pictures with the judge and the social workers. Lexie even let the Judge hold her.
We all hugged and has we headed out the door, I'm sure I saw Noah skipping...he does that when he is EXTREMELY happy....Outside, we took a few more pictures and then went to lunch with my in laws. Lexie was treated to a cup of fresh fruit and a hot dog-while we were waiting for our food she kept saying, "Dot dog! Dot dog!" I've told almost everyone this already, but when we ask Lexie to say "Lexie," she says "Sexy" and when we ask her to say "Marie" she says "Me." So she calls herself "Sexy Me." Cute until Noah shouts across the restaurant, "Hey, Sexy ME!!!" and people turn to stare at us.
After lunch we headed over to the courthouse in the county we live in to file the adoption paperwork., and that was it....we have a new daughter! What a journey it has been. 2 years ago before Lexie even came into our world, we could not have imagined being here in this monent today. Oct 1, two years ago was the day we found out that we were not going to bring a little newborn home from the hospital that we had named and cuddled. On that day, our hearts were broken-I told Mike, forget it, I am not doing this foster care/adoption thing! But moments later,
I was reminded that this was a journey we felt God wanted us to take, and we would take it, wherever it led us. The journey, so far has definately had it's rough spots-but when I look at Lexie's sweet face, I am reminded that God has been right beside us the whole time-his hand in every aspect of this adventure. I am certain that He will walk with us wherever we're headed next. Right now, my heart is so full. Last night at the dinner table, looking around at ALL of our children, all I could do was say, "Thank You, Lord."

"How can I keep from singing your praise? How can I ever say enough? How amazing is your love. How can I keep from shouting your name? I know I am loved by the King, and it makes my heart want to sing!"

"But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will ALWAYS trust in God's unfailing love. I will praise you forever, O God, for what you have done. I will trust in your good name in the presence of your faithful people." Psalm 52:8-9


Renee M said...

We are so happy that sweet Lexie is officially adopted! We are so thankful that God has given you another daughter to love and to raise to know Him. God bless your family! The McGills

Lynn said...

So glad and thankful that everything went well! I know you all are so thrilled! Love & blessings!!!

Anita said...

That was quite a long labor!! God has place Lexie in a fabulous family. Can't wait to see what God has in store for all of you!!

go heartland said...

This post made me laugh and cry. What a wonderful story you shared.