Sunday, October 18, 2009

home again!

We finally made it back to MS, and were greeted by some preety cool temperatures! The kids ran in the house and threw off their shorts and flipflops to change into jeans and jackets! Noah was sure it was going to snow! We had a great time on our trip, but it is always so wonderful-that first night back home sleeping in your OWN bed! Except that I left our pillows in FL, so we were scrounging around for throw pillows to sleep with. I am usually pretty pick about having all my pillows, but last night I didn't care-I was just happy to see my pillowtop mattress! I love my mom-but her guestbed was like sleeping on a board! I am now ( and probably will be for DAYS!)
trying to unpack and get all the stuff back where it belongs! We will do our schoolwork around the suitcases and laundry tomorrow-The kids were hoping I would call off school since I wasn't done such luck!

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