Thursday, October 15, 2009

Florida Fun

Our vacation is winding down, and we are enjoying our last few days. We are enjoying the pool so much-Lexie loves the water, and Mae and Noah could stay at the pool all day. We are all so relaxed-this little trip has definately been enjoyable. We have not done "tourist-y" things, but we have had a lot of fun. The other day we visited Gumbo Limbo Nature center in Boca Raton. While there, we climbed a 40 foot observation tower with a view of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the intracoastal waterway on the other. We walked a boardwalk trail through tropical woodlands, and then enjoyed "feeding" time at the center. The kids were thrilled to get up close and personal with loggerhead turtles, stingrays and nuse sharks. Mae absolutely loved the sound the nurse sharks made when they sucked in their food. We were able to get a glimpse of the Florida Atlantic University Lab at the nature centure, wher we were amazed to see tons of baby loggerhead turtles-we all wanted to stick them in our pockets and take them home!
Last night we visited with some of my mom's friends and today, suprisingly, we will go swimming again! I think we are going to a local chinese buffet for supper tonight-yum!
Tomorrow I will tackle the big task of packing, and Mike will tackle the even bigger task of making everything fit back into the Yukon! We will head back home refreshed and ready to get back to school and work....maybe....

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Anita said...

As you are enjoying your vacation in the sun, we are preparing for a vacation in the mountains!! We will be staying in a cabin (ok, 4 bedrooms, two game rooms, 3 bathrooms, jacuzzi, whirlpool, not roughing it at all), but we will try to cook most of our meals and only eat out a couple of times. Devin has been baking cakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls while I have been filling the freezer with main dishes for now, our vacation and for when we come home.

Please be safe coming home! Enjoy your trip.