Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back on the Blog Wagon

No use making excuses...yes, I havent blogged in 4 months. I havent been busy making every kind of milk concoction possible like my friend Anita at busy hands, busy minds. I havent been moving everything I own and a family of 6 into a lttle trailer the size of a walk in closet, like my friend, Emily, the accidental farmwife. I havent been sorting every lego in my home by color, while training for a marathon, like Roan, at Joyful Johnsons..

I have been reading thier wonderful blogs thinking..I am not doing much thats even worth blogging about!
but I am reminded that none of us are exactly alike...not our households, our children, our goals, what makes us tick...we are all so different! And while I may not be accomplishing what these amazing ladies are, I am accomplishing things..things that matter to me.
I may never make boatloads of butter, or run a marathon, but I am tickled that I know ladies that do...I love the little window into other families lives that blogging has given us. And whether I blog every day or just once a year, I am reminded that this is an opportunity to give a glimpse of our matter if its silly, strange or downright boring...its all the things that make us the family we are!
So while I was not sprouting seedlings this week or milking a goat, there was still much going on...
some of the things we DID do this week were. ..
Blew bubbles, picked flowers and scribbled with sidewalk chalk all over our front walkway. Took several early morning walks through our neighborhood together before school. Fed the ducks. Finished reading Adam of the Road together. Started reading the Good Master together. Played peek a boo with a one year old at least 40 times. Spent hours with all of us sitting in a circle in the living room clapping and cheering as same one year old took unsteady first steps to each of us. Loaded everyone up in pajamas before bed one night and went for ice cream. Attended play practice with my 12 year old, who is beyond excited over playing Dorothy in a production of the Wizard of Oz. Listened to my 3 yr old sing her abc's...a lot...cleaned out and reorganized every cabinet in my kitchen . Joined friends at the animal shelter to walk and cuddle some of the dogs. Got dog poop all over me. Took my 14 year old to pick up her book to start studying for her permit..still 5 months away, but she wants to be prepared. Sat on our dock watching my 8 yr old fish. Laughed as my 12 yr old took her 3 yr old sister out to jump on the trampoline tutus. Read together about Genghis Kahn. Sang hymns together as a family. Cried over long division with 12 yr old. watched the brady bunch together and cracked up. Bought mentos and diet coke and made a geyser in the front yard. Rocked 8 yr old in the middle of the night with horrible ear pain. Woke up in the middle of the same night to find 3 year olds foot on my cheek. Read goodnight, moon. Read it again. Sang Jesus loves me . Sang it again, and again. Worked on Lexies scrapbook.Looked at Lexies scrapbook with her again, and again, and again. Had 9 girls over for the last night of a 6 week Bible study that my 14 yr old led. Watched the girls design and model dresses out of newspaper, toilet paper and tape. Shared a sweet time with thier mamas. Wrote in my journal. Finished reading Crazy Love and No Other Gods. Enjoyed some quiet. Enjoyed some noise. Laughed a lot. Cried a little. Had a tea party with stuffed animals. Found a rotten apple under the couch. Reminded myself that life happens in the little things. Even when I think I am not getting anything done, I realize How much is getting done..every moment..every day...thank you Lord for the little things...someday we will look back and realize they were the big things...


Anita said...

You make me smile!!! And yes, it is those little things like singing Jesus Loves Me 50 times (which we are doing now as well), reading books with the little guys while the six year old holds your hand, watching the older ones comfort the two year old, just watching them grow that really matter. The milk product making, gardening and lego sorting (which I personally gave up YEARS ago) will not matter in the long run....although just maybe the desire to work and produce will. It's all in the journey that we take together! Have a blessed day!

Em said...

And you forcefully took three of your friend's children to your home while she stayed home trying to die from a virus she'd shared with you and half the free world at said bible study.

Thanks for being an AMAZING friend. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming over! Y'all are having so much fun!